Cold Weather Style

I posted earlier this month some outfit ideas for cold weather, but recently came across a New York Times article on winter style I thought was interesting.  According to NYT, we’ve started to oust the traditional wool overcoat in favor of layers, down puffer jackets, heavy sweaters and fur trimmings. “What has emerged in place of the cold-weather garment, as these ladies point out, is what can best be described as urban ski bunny chic: a series of pieces that were once reserved for the Aspen ski lodge, but have this season infiltrated the collections of youthful, forward-thinking designers.”

Though the wool coat will always be a staple in DC, I like being able to bundle up more creatively when I can.  Don’t let the cold weather deter you from dressing your most fashionable – in fact, it’s the perfect excuse to layer, wear faux fur, don cute boots and accessories, and bring out your urban ski bunny chic!

Note: at first, I thought it was going to be difficult to find street style shots of warm winter outfits… it was not.  Images via New York Times, Refinery29, Vogue UK, Elle, the Sartorialist and Hitchcock Blonde.

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