Blogger Crushes For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so to celebrate (and potentially give that special someone an idea for something to get you), I turned to some of my favorite bloggers to see what they’re crushing on these days. It’s quite the stylish list! Can I have it all?

1. Laura, Let Your Style Speak – This iPhone case puts an instant smile on my face because it involves my love of nighttime lights, & photography.
2. Apollina, Apollinas – I’m perpetually lusting after one pair or another of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Right now, I want these sandals, either in red or blue. The strappyness is so sexy and the color is so vibrant. I would wear these with midi and maxi skirts all summer long!
3. Ashley, LBVie Ashley – I am currently obsessing over these Marc by Marc Jacobs high waisted silk “lighthearted” pants. Not only are they perfect for Valentine’s day, but they also satisfy my need for all things micro print right now!
4. Linda, NomNomBlingBling – I have been eyeing this bag since last year because I absolutely love the preppy yet chic look to it and the dual ways you can wear the bag.
5. Meredith, – I could live in this bag, or tote it to and from Chopt, or spend 24, 48, or 72 hours with it, or put it on my head. It is so pretty. I’d like it for Valentine’s Day. My address is: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW #103, Washington, DC 20502
6. Lara, The Glossarie – So much more than your average tinted balm, this innovative lippie provides the most comforting hydration while washing your lips in pure, pretty color. Rosette is my pick for a romantic addition to your Valentine’s Day!
7. Ashley, Ashley in DC – I collect pretty wine bottles and would love to add this personalized bottle to the collection (hint hint, boyfriend!). I love it in gold!
8. Sara, High Fashion 4 Less – A goregous and versatile horn vase that has been on my wishlist for some time now along with a gold greek key accent table to jazz up any living space at only $99.
9. Emily Kate, Capital Style – I’m currently obsessed with color blocking and in particular, color block shoes! There are so many great colors for spring/summer and with color block, you don’t have to choose just one. These are at the top of my “oooooh, I want those” list.
10. Carlis, Spicy Candy DC – How cute is this! I ordered a few to place around my room. It’s great because you not only can hang photos that you love but also cut outs from magazines for inspiration. I plan to change it up every month. My gift to me for V-Day!
11. Victoria, Vmac + Cheese – Last month at the Altitude Summit, Molly from A Piece of Toast introduced me to the bombshell. Simply put, it is the best curling iron I have EVER come across! I don’t know how it does it, but your curls will last for a day or more.
12. Grace, Stripes and Sequins – I’m not really a hearts person, but I am obsessed with this cheeky cardigan. I’d wear it over all of my dresses to give them a more casual feel, with my favorite boyfriend jeans, or over my J.Crew Saturday pants on the weekend.
13. Julie, Julip Made – I don’t usually request jewelry for anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day and I’m definitely not a Tiffany’s girl. However, this piece is timeless and unique at the same time. It is a gorgeous statement necklace that because of its natural elements, can be worn with an LBD or dressed down with jeans and simple top.
14. Melanie, LaBelleMel – My current obsession right now is the ysl arty love ring – Vday edition. It’s so gorgeous especially with the word ” love ” engraved on the back of the ring.
15. Rosa, Rosa Loves – These whimsical cookies from Eleni’s combine two of my loves: shoes and sweets. So to me, this would be my ideal Valentine’s day gift.
16. Kelsey, The Capital Barbie – I’m obsessed with this gold bow keychain from Kate Spade. It’s girly, gorgeous and a great gift for any girl on Valentine’s Day!
17. Annemarie, Brunch at Saks – I love this bangle because it’s classic enough to wear alone during the day, but just as fun to dress up with other bracelets for a night out.
18. Lacey, A Lacey Perspective – I have sent J an email with this exact link dropped many hints to J on my love for this necklace. Very affordable, an absolute keepsake and the perfect layering necklace – this gorgeous piece will be constantly on my neck. Although my heart will always be for Texas, there are other states for you non-Texans too.
19. Katya, Spicy Candy DC – I love the pastel pink paired with silver, it would add a fun twist to any V-Day outfit.
20. Vyqué, Fasshonaburu – I definitely want an ONA camera bag! Probably the chicest SLR camera bag you can find!

Thanks for the help, friends! And for everyone, be sure to check out all their blogs – they are amazing! Finally, want to see what I’m currently obsessed with? Click here.

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