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As you may have seen on instagram, earlier this week I was lucky enough to visit PR at Partners, an amazing salon with DC and Virginia locations, where Nadine, one of their talented stylists, showed me how to get any of their runway hairstyles myself. Nadine and the PR at Partners team was up at New York Fashion Week for the STYLE360 shows and I was so excited to learn from them. Nadine showed me SIX different hairstyles and I’m sharing them all with you! Today, I’m giving tips and tricks to get THREE of the styles – be sure to keep an eye out next week for the rest! HUGE thanks to Nadine and everyone at PR at Partners who worked with me on this! Keep reading for the how-to’s!

From left: You’ll need a good hairspray (L’Oreal texture expert regular hold), a volumizing mousse (L’Oreal mousse volupte), a hair dryer, curling iron, boar bristle brush, teasing brush and a rake comb, plus a few bobby pins and hair ties.


The first look is from Emu. To get the loose waves above, start with some volumizing mousse (yes, even on dry hair, then blow dry to create “dirtier” hair that is easier to manipulate) and a center part. Section your hair into thirds, and using a medium hold hairspray, curl one inch sections with a 1 ¼ inch curling iron. Tip: For a more even distribution of heat, curl the hair around the barrel before clamping down (as opposed to clamping then curling up). And the bigger sections of hair you curl, the looser the wave. Feel free to alternate directions in the back (this will give you more volume), but when you get towards your face, make sure you are curing away from your face and at an angle.

Once you’ve curled all your hair, take a boar bristle brush, and, just holding the brush part (not the handle), glide the tips of the brush lightly through all the curls. Then, using a teasing brush, tease a small underneath part at the back of your head by packing the hair down in one direction – spread out the tease, and cover with a smooth veil of hair. You can also tease some of the strands to give more volume and go through with a rake to smooth it out and get the right balance. Finish with hairspray, spraying it on your fingers and pushing your hair up underneath if you need some more volume.


The second look, from the Malan Breton show, transitioned well from the wavy curls. Just start with the same set, and seriously tease the hair at your crown. Overdirect the hair forward, then tease, again packing the hair down in one direction with your teasing brush. You’re going to want to tease about a quarter inch of hair, or around 6 thin layers. Tip: always have a pomade or hairspray on your hands to keep them tacky. With a fine tooth comb, continue to tease almost all the way to the front of your face. Then, take a half inch piece of hair from your temple on each side, and bring them back around. Be sure to keep it soft. Using a bobby pin (first going up, then turning and pinning down), lock the two bobby pins and pieces of hair in back. Take the pointy side of your comb and drag any hair up you want, checking the sides for balance. You can also use the pointy side to pull or place any pieces where you want them.


The next look was from the Monopoly by Junk Food Art House show and is one of the easiest updos I’ve ever done! I’ve already practiced this on myself and it’s simple and amazing. Start by sectioning hair behind each ear on either side of your head. Put the rest of the hair in a low ponytail, slightly to the side. Braid the ponytail loosely and secure. Then, hold one small piece of the end of the braid, and holding on, push the rest of the braid up towards your head. Hide the end and pin into place! Then, take the side pieces and wrap them around the braid. Tip: find the bobby pins already in place and criss cross the bobby pins so they’re more secure. The braid is the base you build around, so feel free to play with how you pin back the side pieces. Pull up the back as needed, and to grab flyaways, spray hairspray onto a toothbrush and brush them down gently.

Again, keep an eye out for three more hairstyles (another curled and two updos) next week! And in the meantime, be sure to follow Nadine on twitter, instagram (NadineMatar) and on her blog – or visit her at the Tysons location!

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