Runway Hair How-To Part 2

As I mentioned last week, I have three more hairstyles to show you from my visit to PR at Partners! In case you missed it, Nadine, one of their talented stylists, showed me how to get some of their New York Fashion Week STYLE360 runway hairstyles myself. Be sure to check out all three looks (plus a special bonus one at the end you won’t want to miss)!

From left (again): You’ll need a good hairspray (L’Oreal texture expert regular hold), a volumizing mousse (L’Oreal mousse volupte), a hair dryercurling ironboar bristle brushteasing brush and a rake comb, plus a few bobby pins and hair ties.

To get this look from the Sachika show, start with some smoothing cream in your hands for better grip, take a boar bristle brush and smooth the hair to the side. Start on the side opposite your part and twist at the nape of the neck. Try to keep it smooth, adding sections and pinning along the seam as you go – remember to crisscross those bobby pins to keep them secure! Keep twisting up over your ear and when you get to the front, start to roll the hair back on itself. You can roll it all the way back (like the model) or split it in half and fan out a bit at the front. Bobby pin in place and hairspray to finish!

This look is from the Theia show. You’ll need to start with a ponytail about one inch off the nape of your neck. Then take a piece and wrap it around and pin it so it covers the hair tie (something you should do anytime you wear a ponytail). Straighten the pony and put product through it. Next, take two small pieces out and isolate them. Spray them with hairspray until they are almost damp, and crisscross the sections – first, going under, then over, and repeat until you are all the way down the ponytail. At the bottom, secure the pieces with bobby pins. And you’re done!

This last look was from the Bebe Black show and is similar to the curled waves I showed last week, but a bit messier. To get the messier look, use a one inch curling iron and as you wrap the hair around the barrel, twist it a bit and keep the barrel open. Use one inch or smaller sections – remember, the bigger section of hair you curl, the looser the wave!

Because Nadine is an absolute sweetheart, she also showed me how to waterfall braid (aka Katniss Everdeen braid) – something I desperately wanted to learn! If you know how to french braid your own hair, this will be easy for you (and if not, practice makes perfect)! But unlike a normal french braid, start this one on the side of your head (opposite your part) and french braid, only taking hair from one side. And for another fun updo, you can follow Nadine’s lead and curl the end of the braid up and pin in place!

Another HUGE thanks to Nadine and everyone at PR at Partners who worked with me on this! Want to learn more? Follow Nadine on twitter, instagram (NadineMatar) and on her blog – or visit her at the Tysons location!

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