My Style: Hair By Sassoon Salon

Over the weekend, I got a bit of a makeover, thanks to the amazing team at Sassoon Salon in Tysons, and I’m so excited to share the result! Color Director Jade DelProposto took my hair a couple shades darker while keeping it natural (compare the photo below to the one on the left). Most people were in the salon getting their summer highlights done but I love dark hair and was ecstatic with the result! After the color, Salon Director Yoshiko Shimizu gave me the best cut I’ve gotten since moving to DC – she knew exactly how to fix all my layers so they actually had movement. Plus, it’s super easy to style.

As you probably know, Vidal Sassoon, hairstyling legend and founder of Sassoon Salon, recently passed away, so I really appreciated the opportunity to not only visit the salon, but learn more about Sassoon’s history and what makes them unique. Keep reading for more info and photos!

One of the things that makes Sassoon Salon unique is their commitment to creating looks that are quick and simple to recreate. This is a tradition that Vidal Sassoon started in the late 1950s and early 1960s that broke with the current stiff, sprayed styles women were wearing. “He changed the way everyone looked at hair,” Grace Coddington, the creative director of American Vogue, said in an interview (via the NYT). “Before Sassoon, it was all back-combing and lacquer; the whole thing was to make it high and artificial. Suddenly you could put your fingers through your hair!”

Another interesting thing about Sassoon is their seasonal collections. Twice a year, the Sassoon International Creative Director, Mark Hayes, develops seasonal collections that showcase the newest and latest ideas for clients. The current summer 2012 collection is called “Athletica,” and is inspired by the Olymipc Games. Did you know that Vidal Sassoon created a haircut for American figure skater Dorothy Hamill in 1976 and then became the ‘official hair care consultant to the athletes’ for the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984? The history behind Sassoon is just fascinating!

Dress: Aqua / Bag: c/o Danielle Nicole / Shoes: Lattitude Femme c/o T.J.Maxx

If you’re in the DC area, I’d encourage you to check out Sassoon Salon in Tysons Galleria. And no matter where you are, if there is one near you, try them out! Thanks again to the Tysons team for taking such great care of me!

Disclosure: The salon services provided were complimentary. But as always, it’s very important to me that I offer honest reviews to you and only write about products/services/businesses that I like and fully endorse.

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