Outfit + Occasion: Picnic In The Park

Or, if you’re in DC, Jazz in the Garden! Sunshine, grass, sangria and snacks – what better way to spend a summer afternoon! The trick is, however, finding an outfit that is cute, durable, and still comfortable when sitting on the ground. Your best bet will be fabrics that are lightweight and machine-washable, and skirts or dresses with a full skirt (no body-con minis, please). Shorts are ok, but make sure they are comfortable while seated (maybe pass on jean shorts for now), and remember to wear flat sandals or wedges (no stilettos). Lastly, carry a large tote or picnic basket and throw on an oversized summer scarf or denim jacket if it’s cooler! Just add wine, cheese, and crackers, and you’re good to go!

1. Picnic basket / 2. Topshop jacket / 3. ASOS sunglasses / 4. Miss Selfridge dress
5. Club Monaco tee / 6. Madewell sandal / 7. Sam Edelman sandal
8. J.Crew shorts / 9. Topshop skirt / 10. Zara tote / Images 1, 2

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