Summer Beauty

Later this week, it’s supposed to get up towards 100 degrees in DC. Yikes. Time to grab your fave summer beauty products that beat the heat and a cold, cold drink. I’ve been keeping things pretty simple these days, with the most amazing concealer by Perricone MD (seriously – read this post by my friend Kara on her blog Politics of Pretty for more info) and tinted moisturizer. Plus, some blotting paper to combat shine and eyeliner that won’t melt. But to check in on what everyone else is loving, I took to twitter and got some great suggestions for new products to try! Be sure to follow the beauty-savvy ladies below on twitter (and check out their blogs – they all rock).

1. @TheYuppieFilesClinique’s City Block Daily Face Protector – lightweight so I don’t feel gross in the DC humidity but still great coverage. And SPF! / 2. @EmPri88I’m loving my new @lorealparisusa infallible eyeshadows! / 3. Perricone MD No Concealer concealer / 4. @DrNoelleSherberLoving 1-step summer skincare – @CaudalieUSA Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid SPF15 is full of antioxidants & has a glowy peach tint. / 5. NARS eyeliner / 6. Stila One Step bronze / 7. @keheinze: Clarisonic with Clinique face wash and Revision Skincare tinted moisturizer with SPF…  it’s wonderful. Super light for DC summers! / 8. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer / 9. Shiseido blotting paper / 10. @byAimeeSki: Lightly covering my face in baking soda – my face feels so fresh afterwards.

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