Summer Heat Chic

Not that you need me to remind you, but it was a hot, hot weekend for most of us. Too hot to do much of anything, except hang in the pool or air conditioning when possible. For the few times I did brave the heat, figuring out what to wear was nearly impossible. And I was having the very same trouble this time last year! What to do!

1. Ray-Ban sunglasses / 2. J.Crew hat / 3. Enza Costa blouse / 4. J.Crew top
5. Old Navy swimsuit / 6. Dorothy Perkins dress / 7. Dorothy Perkins dress
8. Bumble and Bumble surf spray / 9. Jean-Michel Cazabat heels / 10. Mara Hoffman bikini
11. Smythson “I’ve Got Nothing To Wear” notebook / 12. Old Navy top
13. Asos belt / 14. Nars nailpolish / image 1, 2

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