Nokia Mood Board Challenge

When Nokia contacted me about working with the LeiVanKash jewelry line and a new Nokia Lumia 900 to create a mood board, potentially inspiring a new jewelry collection, I was all in. After all, I love putting together mood boards, love taking photos with my phone, and love jewelry. Keep reading to see the photos I took and some of my fave pieces from LeiVanKash!

After looking at Leila’s collections and getting used to the Nokia Lumia (seriously love this phone – especially great for photo taking), I started brainstorming the kinds of images and inspiration I wanted to capture. Instantly, I knew I wanted to showcase some of the amazing street art around my neighborhood. It’s a side of Washington, DC that not everyone sees and is so quintessentially U Street. Jazz, poetry, literature, history – I snapped plenty of photos with the Lumia! Plus, you can see some of my favorite LeiVanKash pieces below. I was especially in love with the Totem collection, but couldn’t help but include some skulls and daggers too!

Non-neighborhood photos via 1, 2. See and shop more LeiVanKash jewelry here!

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