Parma Spa Review

Just before fashion week, I had the opportunity to try out Parma Spa in Tysons. As much as I wish I could, I don’t get to spas very often at all, so this was such a treat! The very kind and knowledgeable Dr. Ather showed me around the gorgeous space and answered a few spa/skincare questions before I settled in for an amazing facial. Keep reading for more on Parma plus some skincare tips!


One of the questions I always have regarding facials, is if I can’t get in regularly, is one good enough? Dr. Ather explained that it would be (and encouraged me to keep up with my clarisonic to help). Ideally, she suggests getting a facial four times a year when the seasons change to keep skin looking (and behaving) great. But when I explained my skincare concerns (acne, dry skin), she settled in to take care of the problems. Not only was it ridiculously relaxing, but I really did see and feel a change in my skin. And two weeks later, it still seems improved!


In addition to facials and other typical spa services like massage and waxing, Parma offers microdermabrasion, IPL rejuvenation laser treatments, botox and more. And I would not only trust the Parma professionals with any of my spa needs, but after talking with Dr. Ather, I’d trust them to give me the right advice regarding treatments to undergo (and not undergo). When I asked Dr. Ather about botox (out of curiosity), she insisted that it’s not something she’d recommend for younger people, and that she’s not there to oversell services. Her philosophy was that she wants you to look good, and feel good (not like plastic), which was refreshing to hear. Instead, she’d recommend chemical resurfacing after age 25, when your skin starts slowing down, to keep it behaving like it’s just 20 years old. And of course, she insisted on using moisturizer and sunscreen. Check out more of their services here! I definitely recommend!

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