Spring Hair & Beauty

I know I posted earlier about spring beauty trends (and spring skincare products too) but though it might be fun to share some inspirational images! I’m sure a bold, bright lip is nothing new to you, but I just love the red, pinks, and especially the purple looks below. These days I’m wearing nothing but Bite Beauty lipsticks (in violet and lilac especially) and I’ve gotten so many compliments. It stays in place for hours and the color doesn’t fade. Trust me. I wore it last night during a champagne and food tasting and didn’t have to reapply even after 5 hours!

bold lip

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I’m also loving the colorful eyeliner trend, though that’s something I’d save for weekends. A hint of blue looks so pretty, don’t you think? Try this new Covet eyeliner, which is waterproof and comes in a blue and a green. My beauty BFF also recommends this turquoise liner from Stila.

colored eyeliner

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And finally, as far as hair goes, you will never really catch me in a top knot or milk maid braids (not my style and they really just don’t work on me). You will, however, frequently catch me in a side fishtail, low/messy chignon, ponytail or just my go-to long, loose waves. I’m contemplating a shorter cut but just can’t commit yet. I’m still liking this hairspray for volume and hold, and surf spray is a summer staple.

spring hair

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What beauty or hair trends are you most excited about this spring? Any of the above?!

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