Workwear Pieces

A while back, Ally tagged me in a “Five Things” post. While I don’t think I’ll do the traditional post and tag thing, I have included a couple very important things you might not know about me at the end of this post. Short answer? I’m starting a new job tomorrow doing communications for a trade association and I start law school this fall (continue reading for the long answer). Big, exciting changes. And to get ready for work, I’ve been pulling lots of workwear pieces out of my closet. Hence the looks below!



BaubleBar Necklace / Marni Dress / Elizabeth & James Blazer / J.Crew Blouse / J.Crew Cardi
Paul Smith Pants / Paul Smith Tee / J.Crew Pencil Skirt / Madewell Belt / iPhone Case
Lauren Ralph Lauren Heels / Marc Jacobs Aviators / Notebook / Rachel Zoe Bag / Image 1, 2

People always ask me if I plan on making this fashion/blogging thing my main job (or they just forget that I have a full time job in addition to this blog). But to be honest, I don’t think I see that happening. Politics, government relations, lobbying, communications, and law have always been my main passion and I love having an intense, traditional office career (not that blogging full time isn’t). I think it’s easy to compare yourself to others and think you need to be doing the same type of thing, but I have to remind myself constantly to just stay true to who I am and remember what really makes me happy. I don’t think of myself as uber creative and I’m certainly not crafty or domestic (though I wish I was). I started this blog to store and share everything that is making me smile, and that is most likely how it will continue (and yes, it will continue). Even my outfit posts are less about providing inspiration and more about sharing all the things that I’m currently loving! I admire all the creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and bloggers who have inspired me and work incredibly, incredibly hard… but after working from home for a while now doing freelance and consulting work, I’m so so so excited to be returning to an office setting and heading up the communications for a trade association here in DC!

Also, some of you may already know, but I’m also going to be starting law school in the fall. I’ve wanted to go to law school as long as I can remember, and after just working for almost 6 years, I decided it was finally time to tackle part-time school. I know a lot of people think going to law school these days is crazy, but I know exactly why I want to go and what I want to do with my law degree and there is not a doubt in my mind it is the right thing for me right now. It’s going to be busy, but I’m ready! And I have all summer to figure out how to keep the quality of this blog exactly the same (or even better)!

Thanks so much for all the support, kind words and congrats already – it’s going to be fun, guys!

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