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Hairstyles From GHD

Since putting together this post, my hair has changed a bit dramatically (photos to come). But prior to my new cut, I had a pretty consistent look – loose,  long curls. So when ghd asked if I’d like to try a straightener, I was so interested! I wore my hair straight to a White House Correspondents’ Dinner event (see here) and loved it. But I also loved learning that I could get curls easily with the straightener!

IMG_6409 (600x400)

IMG_6400 (600x400)

I started with straight, somewhat dirty hair and rolled pieces of hair around my fingers, creating a loop. Then, holding the end of the curl, I pressed it with the straighter, then sprayed it and pinned it in place.

IMG_6426 (600x400)

IMG_6445 (600x400)

After pinning all my hair up, I finished makeup, getting dressed, etc. and then let the curls loose. I then brushed through the curls to loosen up the look, and to tame any pieces and smooth the top of my hair, I used the straighter again (like normal).

IMG_6448 (600x400)

IMG_6464 (600x900)

Curling my hair this way gave me more of a ringlet/pin curl rather than the big wavy curls I’d get from using hot rollers. Plus, the curls really held well, which is huge for me! You can see a video for this same idea here, and check out more ideas for using the ghd straightener here. I definitely recommend these particular straighteners if you are in the market for a new one – they really work amazingly (got hot quickly, smoothed easily), and I mean, that mint color is just too good, right? Now I just need to try it out on this short hair! Maybe now I’ll be going straight more often!

Disclosure: The straightener was sent to me as a PR sample – but this in no way affected my review. As always, it’s very important to me that I offer honest reviews to you and only write about products that I like and fully endorse.

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