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If you live in DC, hopefully you’ve already heard of Hugh & Crye. But honestly, you need to know this company no matter where you are! An online retailer of menswear, Hugh & Crye is based in Washington, DC and offers personalized sizing using the height of your torso (short, average, tall) and your overall build (skinny, slim, athletic, broad) so you get an amazingly well-fitted shirt. To check out some of their latest styles, I took my work husband Stephen to their office and showroom.

IMG_6715 (600x400)


The shirts are truly wonderful (Stephen is already a huge fan, and any lady who enjoys a well-dressed man should be too). In addition to men’s dress shirts, Hugh & Crye also offers ties, pocket squares and more. Plus, they are careful to minimize the environmental and health impact of their shirts for the people who make and wear them. Co-founders Pranav and Philip are really great guys.

IMG_6733 (600x400)

IMG_6732 (600x400)

IMG_6739 (600x400)

IMG_6737 (600x400)

IMG_6741 (600x400)


IMG_6744 (600x400)

To learn more and shop Hugh & Crye, visit their site here. And stay tuned next week for an outfit post featuring my handsome friend Stephen! It’s going to be great!

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