Trumaker & Company in DC

One of my absolute best DC friends (and one of the very first!) recently joined Trumaker & Company, a San Francisco based menswear brand that just opened a branch in DC! She’s been raving about this brand for a while now and so I thought I’d let her take over for the day to share a bit more with you! Read below for additional information about Trumaker and how you can schedule a free fitting appointment for yourself, partner, husband, boyfriend, father, co-worker or friend!


Trumaker & Company, a San Francisco based made-to-fit menswear brand, makes casual and business menswear shirts that are built-to-fit your specific measurements. We all know most men really don’t love shopping, but they still like to look good. Plus, men’s fashion has always been about fit – and for a long time, this meant that if you had a body shape that didn’t exactly match manufacturers’ off-the-rack sizes, you had two options:

  1. Put up with awkwardly fitting clothes, or
  2. Shell out some serious money for bespoke threads.

Problem solved: Trumaker is building a new kind of men’s apparel that is revolutionizing the way men shop. Here’s how it works: a personal Outfitter (me!) comes directly to your home or office, shows you fabric choices and takes your measurements. Your fitting appointment is completely free of charge, takes about 15-30 minutes and there is zero obligation to buy.

The fit of your shirts are guaranteed so you never have to worry about finding the right size ever again. Ever. Again.

Ladies, you’re an excellent customer as well! You can help the men in your life (husband, boyfriend, father, co-worker or friend) look and feel their best! BONUS: Trumaker offers an exceptional referral program. You can use the credits to purchase gift cards, or get a “boyfriend” shirt made-to-fit your measurements!

Scheduling an Appointment is easy. You can complete this form, email me, or call me directly at 202-580-5478! Check out my Trumaker website to learn more! Also you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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