Fall Trends With TJ Maxx

For my third post with T.J.Maxx (only one more after this!), we were asked to try out some print mixing, which is a fave look of mine (see my epic mixed prints post here). I was originally thinking about mixing plaid with leopard (see this example!) but when I spotted this quality camo shirt, I figured it was as good a time as any to try out the trend! Luckily, I also found a striped shirt and amazing designer heels to pair with it (oh, and the designer bag I found at T.J.Maxx a few weeks ago is back, of course!).




Aren’t the heels amazing? I could totally see myself wearing these year round, and because they were a T.J.Maxx find, it was a guilt-free decision! They also had some great boots and beauty products (see examples on my instagram!) and I had a hard time not walking away with every single coat in the store.


Have you tried out print mixing? I think it’s such a fun way to put an outfit together! And the options really are limitless – floral, leopard, striped, camo, plaid… especially given the designer selection at T.J.Maxx. I love seeing the different ways people match them together! For example, a floral dress with leopard bag or shoes, or a floral skirt and leopard cardigan or sweater. It may be on trend now, but I had this covered even back in 2010! Also, stripes + floral is another easy mix of prints. A floral skirt and striped shirt, or even a striped tank and floral cardigan, can be a perfect combo. Let the floral piece make the statement and keep the stripes simple to be sure. And my favorite print – leopard – essentially acts as a neutral (remember this, always), so it isn’t tough to mix with other prints, like dots or florals (or plaid even!). And as far as other prints go, whether they’re graphic, animal or watercolor prints, you can still throw them in the mix. Just put together pieces in a similar color or mood – maybe one more neutral and another more bold or contrasting. If you need to, tie it together with a belt or neutral accessories. There’s definitely plenty of options at T.J.Maxx and you know they will be amazing quality designer pieces at a great value. Just check out my instagram for proof!

Expressing yourself through fashion, and knowing how to put together a great look—at great value, is what being a Maxxinista is all about. At T.J.Maxx you can score the unexpected to make your own personal style statement. Here’s to rockin’ your real deal.

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by T.J.Maxx via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of T.J.Maxx.

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