Rebecca Taylor Spring 2014

So I realize it’s way past fashion week at this point, but I still have some photos I want to share – and since I’ve got them all ready, I figured… why not. Rebecca Taylor was my fourth show on the Saturday of fashion week, and it was such an honor to be there. I was nervous I wouldn’t make it in, since I had to rush there in a cab after the Son Jung Wan show and the line to get in was super long, but thankfully, I made it! Rebecca Taylor was the very first New York Fashion Week show I ever went to, so it felt great to be back. And the clothes were amazing, per usual. I loved the neutral colors, the perforated leather and layers, and the jackets and sweaters. Seriously gorgeous stuff. I honestly want it all!

IMG_7971 (600x400)

IMG_7962 (600x400)

IMG_7966 (600x399)

IMG_7984 (600x400)

rebecca taylor

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