Winter is Coming!

Thanksgiving is over already (I can’t believe it!), everyone is putting up the holiday decorations, and it’s definitely getting colder outside. While I didn’t do any post-Thanksgiving shopping this year (but have you seen the J.Crew sale?!), there are a few things on my (winter is coming) wish list!


Sweater / Scarf / Coat / Earrings / Jeans / Duffel Bag
Sweater Dress / Hat / Gloves / Sweater / Flats / Necklace

1 comment to Winter is Coming!

  • I so need to get a pair of beaded tassel earrings like those. Love the duffel you included. I wanted one just like that last year and could not find a similar one anywhere so I ended up borrowing from the boys and buying a men’s carryon!

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