Back to Paris

Once I knew I was spending a good bit of time in London, I also knew I couldn’t be so close to Paris and not just make a quick visit back (these photos from my previous Paris trip are still one of my favorite things). So as a reward after finishing finals, I took a day trip to Paris via train, got in around 10am, had a croissant and espresso, walked for a bit, then stopped for fromage et un verre de rosé, and wandered around some of my favorite spots (see them in this previous post). I also visited an area that was new to me – Montmartre – and was able to enjoy Palais Royal (below) for the first time (it was being renovated the last time I was there). Before getting back on the train to head back to London, I stopped in Angelina on Rue de Rivoli for their famous hot chocolate. It was an absolutely glorious day.

2016-08-03 06.25.15

2016-08-05 10.43.51

2016-08-06 15.38.34

2016-08-05 10.38.51

2016-08-03 11.35.58


2016-08-03 07.25.41





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