Work It


In honor of Bastille Day, here is a wonderful quote from Entre Nous (via Everything Fabulous) on finding your inner French girl –

“She is an essence, a way of being, a mindset – and she exists in us all. She is that part of us that is free – and not . . . → Read More: Work It

Happy Weekend!

Even though it’s almost over! I’ve been relaxing in Wisconsin with my high school best friends and my family. It actually snowed a bit (seriously), but it’s been wonderful to relax, go out with the girls, and eat lots and lots of my mom’s cooking (especially the chocolate chip cookies… mmmmm…).

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Happy Friday!

And happy April Fools Day to you! No pranks planned here. But I plan on being quite skeptical today, especially on twitter. Anyone gotten tricked yet?


Crop And Roll

I love pants and heels. Especially when the pants are cropped and/or rolled… oh, and pleated. Is it weird that I love pleated pants?


Don’t get me wrong, I wear plenty of skirts and dresses, but my favorite outfits usually include pants. I feel better about this knowing it’s . . . → Read More: Crop And Roll

Happy Weekend + Love & Give

image via coco + kelley

Donate to For Japan, With Love Donate to The Red Cross (Living Social is matching $5 donations to the Red Cross right here) Dontate to UNICEF

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