October Essentials

october essentials / so much to smile about

Sooo… I love October! The air is crisp and chilly, there are pumpkins and orange leaves, Halloween and my BIRTHDAY (on the 29th, in case you’re curious – eeeee). It’s a great month. And there are some seriously great things to shop right now too, like contrast sleeve jackets, stripes and faux fur, and lots . . . → Read More: October Essentials

More Fall Favorites

more fall favorites

Interrupting a week’s worth of New York Fashion Week coverage (seriously so much more to come – hope that’s ok!) for some more fall favorites I’m dying to snatch up! Apparently (see this post for proof) I’m stuck on sweatshirts (especially when paired with fun skirts), ankle boots, cross body bags and layers. After all, it’s . . . → Read More: More Fall Favorites

An Ebay Find


So I know there are a lot of people who use Ebay all the time and find the best things – I was not one of those people. However, when given the chance to do some online shopping recently, I was so surprised at how much was available! I wasn’t sure I wanted to try . . . → Read More: An Ebay Find

Outfit + Occasion: Fashion’s Night Out

outfit + occasion - fashion's night out

Can you believe it’s time again for Fashion’s Night Out?! I’ll be in NYC this year (if you have any tips or suggestions for where to go, leave a comment or email me!) and still have no idea what I’ll wear or where I’ll go. So I figured it was time to put together an . . . → Read More: Outfit + Occasion: Fashion’s Night Out

Shoes For Fall

Oops, it’s another fall post! But seriously people, there are so many amazing shoes out there right now. I absolutely can’t get enough of those Gap loafers (for more on loafers, see this old post), and polka dotted heels? Perfect. Plus, flat ankle (“beatle”) booties, and amazing high heels. Love.

1. Gap . . . → Read More: Shoes For Fall